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weird dream

woke up in my dream and i was wearing three shirts and carpis(outta bed) and then i turned the computer on but it wouldnt work so then i turned it on again and it was taking a while to load so i was like umm ok. so i looked outside and there was a car driving by so i went outside to see who it was. and it was nelson, the weird part was when i walked up to the car he was in the back seat, like he wasnt driving the car but the car was on... that was weird and then he was like well i have to go! and the car drove him off down the street. and i looked down the other side of the street and i see three guys kooking for my house, i thought it was chivo shimon and crispy. (yesterday chivo said he wasnted to come to my house and so like yeah i think thats what that part of the dream was) and then they were about to walk up to kori's old house but they didnt cuz they saw me. so they walked over and im like yelling chivos name like what the hell. and so they three walk in. when i go to my room shayne danielle and jejji are on my computer( and i think this is normal) so im like oh ok you guys are still here(which didnt make anysense) and my parents didnt seem to care that there were like 10 people in the house and then chivo and someone(forgot who) goes in my brothers room and talks to him. my brother than leaves and my dad is talking to one guy(dont know who) then like three more people come an dim like okay whatever and then i go into my room and talk to jejji shayne and danielle.

the end
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