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werid dream:
i was like going to camp, omg it hard to remeber now..., and like i found annalee and i was walking with ppl that i like i apprently new, annalee wwas a counsler who didnt remeber me untill i explained who i was, and we walked to the ropes cpurse and idk wat happened, and i ended in this class room with those like desk chairs and we were late , i saw irina(she has been in like 3 dreams so far weird), and she said watch out and pointed to the inrtuctor who was really cute, he was holding a bag of candy worms, so i thin irina was telling me to like watch out cuz he will throw them, so i saw his hand go like rite past the worms and i like ducked my head, but he was playing and he started laughing... i no weird
and then i heard my mom waking me up, so i woke up weird
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