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i know this community is dead but whatever here:

i had a weird dream last night.... i was walking with codi, and we were talking and we were walking to class but like she was walking me to my class but my class was in a restuaruant and it was all asian, and the seats were red, shiny red. there were school people there but not any of my close friends. codi was helping me finding a seat to sit so we found a sit, and ibrahim was there. (i know, weird)so he was sitting there and right before codi and i sat down we hugged each other than i sat down. she looked like she was deciding to sit down or not. she did. out of no where charlie comes and sits at the table and is talking abotu some story taht happened with his friends. and then more people come and sit and the table and more people, till there is like no more room for people. then i woke up...

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