da' nice bitch (egyptian_girl08) wrote in dream_seekers,
da' nice bitch

wierd dream

remeber how it used to be
living the lyrics of a love song
just you and me

ahh i cant write anymore..

i was walking down a road that was so dark and scarey
i then had wierd flashbacks of times with jake
2 people came up to me (it was sam and some dude) who made the flashback button on my head turn off (wierd)
they said it was for my own good then tied me to a tree and left
i was so confused and scared because i remebered people warning me on walking down this road at night they said ghosts and disturbed souls would come and feast on living flesh
well out of no where jake's soul came and un-tied me and told me to run and never look back no matter what happens..i was so confused and he could see it..all he said was run..run as fast as you can never look back just run..
so i did what he said then all of a sudden i was in a white room...nothing but white all around so i stopped runing for awhile to figure out where i was..then flashes of blue light would appear and everytime it flashed jake would point at me..(wtf)by this time i decided to keep runing then the blue lights stopped..i think that makes sense..anyways as i was runing and i came to jake in person and he said goob-bye and i started to cry..then i woke up and there were tears running down my face..
(holy-shit-take)..tht was wierd
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holy shit thats scary
Awww, I;m sorry. Doesn't sound like a very pleasant dream. Maybe you're afraid of losing him?
i'm afraid of never see'ing him again...Jake is moving to france.:(