Yasmin (transendefuture) wrote in dream_seekers,

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i cant concentrate
maybe my mind might obliviate
with the words from the book
thinking. pictures from where i look
too many things going through my mind
everything is running out especially time
thinking of 5 things at once
switching back and forth
trying to study
not possible with all this
must get a A
pressured by school and parents
want to run and escape
held down by needles and tape
not relieved
stressed from all the tension of this day
my mind served out on a lunch tray
fries,pressure, confusion, milk and some annoyance sauce
comes together for one big loss
of my friends and more
im glad im not counting the score
with everything happening around us
worried about oneself
being hypocrtictacal is the worst part of your self...

10:29 pm

i found this in my computer... i dont remeber writing it but i know i did eh here
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