Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken... (vanishingflames) wrote in dream_seekers,
Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken...

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well last night i finally dreamt again. i was like at school in mr. lopez's class but it looked like mr. grasso's class and it was near the cafeteria instead. so i was there for 1st perio dwhich is weird cuz i have it 2nd. so i stayed but i like forgot my hw packet so i was mad. and then it was time for 2nd period but mr. lopez wouldnt let me stay for another period and mr. spectorsaid it was too late to go back so i just walked around and i felt my fone shaking and i answerwed it and said to my mom "im at school, u cant call me" lol. then there was a fight and the security guards were like "ok, whose gonna win?" then i was walking like by where the tall grass part is behind 2nd hall and there was like a creek there instead and it was like gettin dark and i saw one of my old teachers. i tried to say her name but it was mumbly and i finally said it and she said "oh, diego, how are u?" and then i woke up.
freaky dream
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